Kara, rendered in 2002 on LightWave 7.5 Kara, rendered in 2003 on LightWave 7.5


LightWave Applied, version 6.5 &7
2002 and 2003

This model is almost the same one that comes with the CD-ROM for LightWave Applied version 6.5 & 7. I added extra rows of subpatches to the skirt, created new Endomorph targets and tweaked the weight maps on the belt.

Four renders
LightWave Applied version 6.5 & 7

I wrote two chapters for a tutorial book called LightWave Applied version 6.5 & 7: "Character Modeling and the Super Cel Shader" and "Character Setup."

"Character Modeling and the Super Cel Shader" appears on the book's website as a bonus tutorial for readers, and it shows how to build the entire Kara model (body, head, hair and clothing) from scratch. "Character Setup" appears in the book itself, showing how to prepare Kara for animation with Skelegons, bones, expressions, IK, and the Schematic view.

The book's CD-ROM contains several versions of the model at various stages of completion as well as a finished version of the Kara model and her skeleton/IK setup for study. The unfinished versions of the model allow the reader to start at any one of 53 "starting points" in the tutorials.

Preview the Table of Contents for "Character Modeling and the Super Cel Shader."