Super Cel Shader 1.00 Tips and Tricks

As of version 5.5, LightWave 3D comes with a great plugin called "Super Cel Shader." The documentation covers the essentials (such as defining color zones), but it doesn't devote more than two pages to this powerful plugin. Hopefully, this website will help others get ideas for Super Cel Shader uses. If anyone has corrections/additions that they'd like to make, let me know and I'll post it (with full credit) on this site.-- Jennifer Hachigian

 How the Super Cel Shader Works -- The technical stuff.

 Color Zone Examples -- Visual examples of color zones for the newbies.

 Creating Gradients -- Take advantage of that smoothing function!

 "Hidden" Colors -- Whip out your calculator--we're gonna have some fun.

 Weird Stuff -- How to put yellow and white highlights on green hair.

Problems -- Annoyances that I've run into from time to time...

Dennis Price's Cel Chick and Composite Method -- For the ultimate control over your paints. Reprinted with permission.

Fast Fresnel Fun (9-16-98) -- One way to get a variable-width ink line...

Fast Fresnel Fun, Part 2 (9-19-98) -- Inking refinements; thoughts on cel shading.

Cel Shader Links (9-22-98) -- Links to anime, software and cel shading. (Updated 1-29-99)


The Evil "Oni" (10-25-98) -- Basic (and I mean basic) facial animation withreference nulls; more thoughts on cel shading.(Corrected 1-12-99)

Visible Ink (12-9-98) -- my free cartoon transparency plug-in.

Using the Original Cel Shader (12-13-98) -- tips and tricks for Inspire and LightWave 5.0 users.

Inking in Traditional Cel Animation (1-28-99) -- no celshader tips; just a quick reference for 3D artists.

Adrian van der Park's "Trails of Light" Tutorial (2-2-99) -- an awesome motion effect by Adrian van der Park. (Note: This link points to Adrian's site).

Compositing Cel-Look Edges (4-24-99) -- one way of getting a cleaner line out of "Large" Cel-Look Edges.