Jennifer Hachigian

Phone: 818-845-5350

The Guardian -- many people worked on this shot for nine months. My contributions:

  • RealFlow SD exports from LightWave
  • some of the splash elements
  • LightWave hardbody dynamics for:
    • a splintering stack of wood
    • a collapsing stack of barrels
  • Python scripts to:
    • convert RealFlow data to more easily-digested LightWave data
    • speed up the RealFlow pipeline
    • fix RealFlow/filename issues
I am also mentioned in an article about The Guardian.

Battle 360 -- lighting, camera, animation.

Spaceship - everything but the design.

MystiKats - character rigs/animation, hair/dynamics, lighting

NBC's Revelations - modelled head, skeleton and guts; character rig/animation; surfacing/lighting

Spider-Man 2 - compositing, surfacing, animation and particles.

Jennifer Hachigian's 2009 Demo Reel (QuickTime, 33MB)