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Animation and Comics Resources

The Shoujo Manga Home Page -- valuable information on shoujo comics and manga history.

Animania -- if you live near Ann Arbor, Michigan, don't pass these screenings up.
Animation Meat -- an archive of information for both animators and animation fans.
Anime on DVD
Anime on TV -- anime TV listings for American and Canadian channels.
Anime Web Turnpike -- hundreds of links to online stores, fan sites, and more.
Japanese <-> English Dictionary
-- defending my right to read whatever the hell I want.

Independent Animators and Self-Publishers

Michel Gagné
Bill Plympton
Terrence Walker

Life Drawing Instruction

American Animation Institute -- if you live near North Hollywood, consider these classes.

Karl Gnass -- a great artist, and a great teacher.
Glen Vilppu -- author of the Vilppu Drawing Manual and other learning materials. 

Played or May Still be Playing in United States Theaters:

The Animatrix
Cowboy Bebop
Blood: The Last Vampire
Ghost in the Shell
Ghost in the Shell: Innocence
Howl's Moving Castle
Perfect Blue
Princess Mononoke
Spirited Away
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

LightWave 3D Cel Shading

Ani-Temp -- several celshaded pieces here.
D-Creation -- LightWave celshader plug-ins (unReal) and gallery. -- not a celshader-specific site, but wonderful nonetheless.
LightWave Tutorials on the Web
Sergio Rosas -- pioneer of celshading and co-creator of Mission to Avalon.
Superthruster -- looks like LightWave to me...
URDA -- LightWave and Hash:Animation Master.

Sergio Rosas' portfolio (contains images from Mission to Avalon)
Dark Orb Digital's Avalon Section
Human Code Japan
Japanese trailer for Mission to Avalon

Hotaru ("Firefly") -- a short animation using the unReal plug-in for its celshaded surfaces.
Animation -- in MPG and VideoCD format.
Stills -- from the short itself.
Character and Mecha renders
Postcard images
Comments from the message board

Invader Zim (available on DVD)
(Celshaded 3D models used for mechanical objects, backgrounds and -- on one occasion -- for Zim himself).
Official Site
AintItCool Review
"Bring Back Invader Zim" Petition -- please sign this. 

Let Love Be Your Energy -- a music video. (Warning: contains adult material)
Passion Pictures -- the studio that created the animation.
project: Messiah Theatre -- scroll down to download both the video and the "bloopers."
Robbie Williams (official site) -- has both the "X-rated" and edited versions of the video. 

Alex Aberle
Sara & David web comic

Rob Baldwin -- Rob Baldwin's page, once host to the BESM plug-in.
Dark Orb Digital -- Fighting Crush Valkyrie and the "Rapsaurian"

Makoto Shinkai
Personal Site
Makoto Shinkai Promotional Site
Official English page -- contains the Voices from a Distant Star trailer

Main Site

Chris Norpchen

Official Site -- beautiful celshaded stuff in this blog.

Sergio Rosas
Official site

Explosive Creativity Works

Terrence Walker
Anime: From Concept to Reality -- contains both Understanding Chaos and Shadowskin.

Dave Young
Einstein's Cat (7-4-05 update -- site is down).

Newtek -- the official LightWave 3D site. 

3D Studio MAX Cel Shading -- the Illustrate! plug-in.
Final Toon -- another celshader plug-in for 3DS MAX.

3D Anime in the Making -- nice stuff here.

Corto Maltese (Illustrate! used for the train)
Official site
Additional gallery

Discreet -- the official 3DS MAX site. 

Hash: Animation Master Cel Shading

Anime Festival Orlando2 Opening Animation (2001)
Anime Festival Orlando3 Opening Animation (2002)

Momentum Animation Studios -- creators of the Macca Strewth short and the Bardot music video.

John Spain
Main Site

Maki Yoshida
NekokoImage.jpg -- the hair on this cat girl is just beautiful!!! 

URDA -- LightWave and Hash:Animation Master.

Hash, Inc -- the official Hash:AM site. 

Maya Cel Shading

The Iron Giant
(Celshaded 3D models used for the Giant and other mechanical objects).
Official Site
Brad Bird interview -- part of this covers techniques used to blend 3D with 2D in the film. 

Molly, Star-Racer -- download the trailer from here.
Sav! The World

Alias|Wavefront -- the official Maya site. 

(Unknown) Celshading


Opening animation
Cutscene animations from the game
A picture of a game character
Teatime's homepage

Treasure Planet (Celshading used for John Silver's arm, leg and eye and the BEN character)'s gallery of celshaded work

Online Stores

For Domestic Releases:

For Japanese Imports:
CD Japan -- for laserdiscs, CD's, and DVD's.
JIGS -- for laserdiscs, DVD's, and CD's.
Manga Shopping Guide -- guide to online Japanese bookstores.
Apex Guide to ordering manga online -- another guide, with a shipping-cost calculator.

Also of Interest...

Project DogWaffle -- a nice paint program. Version 1.2 is free.

Passport -- Audri Phillips' work opened my eyes to the importance of color in art and animation. Check it out.
Pix Inc.
SplineGod -- Larry Shultz: Jedi Master of LightWave's Modeler, bones, and IK.
David Hibsher


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