Jennifer Lynn Hachigian

Jennifer Hachigian earned her bachelor's degree in computer science from Michigan State University. She runs the website and currently works in Southern California as a digital artist.

In college, Jennifer started writing and drawing her own small-press comic, Lore. She continues to work on Lore as a personal project, and she has an artist's table at both the Spring and Fall Motor City Comics Conventions and the Small Press Expo every year. Her more recent works include Pocket Editor, a minicomic that fights typographical errors.

Jennifer also co-authored the LightWave Applied, version 6.5 & 7 tutorial book with fellow LightWave artists Dave Jerrard, Joe Tracy and epic software. Aiming at those new to LightWave, she wrote a "Spline Basics" tutorial for the book's CD-ROM and two chapters for the book: "Character Modeling and the Super Cel Shader" and "Character Setup." The larger of the two chapters, "Character Modeling and the Super Cel Shader" appears on the book's bonus website for readers.

Blessed throughout her life with good teachers, Jennifer continues to learn about storytelling, film, comics, computers, art and animation to this day.

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Pocket Editor.

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