"An Anime for You"

Anime covers all genres, all styles and all ages of storytelling. If you like to watch animation, then you'll find at least one anime that tells a story that you like in a style that you like. (That anime may not have been released in the United States yet, however).

Hundreds of anime titles exist. This incomplete list offers some viewing suggestions; look up these titles in the review sections of AnimeonDVD.com or on Anipike for further information. Another source for information on earlier anime is a book called Anime: A Guide to Japanese Animation (1958-1988), a "filmography of the first 30 years of anime."

Faded text represents titles that have not yet been released in the United States. Seek them out at anime screenings, or consider purchasing a region-free DVD player and ordering these titles directly from Japan.

I hope that this page helps you find an anime that you like! :-)

"I just want visual beauty..."

"I like to see fluid animation..."

"I prefer family entertainment..."

"I prefer characters with normal-sized eyes..."

"I prefer non-fantasy stories that take place in the 'real world'..."

"I like non-fantasy, historical period dramas..."

"I like sports stories..."

"I love heroic-vampire stories..."

"I love action flicks..."

"I like fantasy stories..."

"I like fantasy stories set in medieval Japan..."

"I like sword-and-sorcery tales..."

"I like science fiction stories..."

"I like horror stories..."

"I'd like to see stories based on or inspired by video games..."

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